Tiny Beautiful Things

Ok, so I’m borrowing Cheryl Strayed’s title because: first, I love that book; and second, it seems increasingly important, now, to appreciate tiny beautiful things. In fact, I see it as a strong counterargument to the rising tide of fear-mongering propaganda. So much beauty in the world, all around us, every day – we simply have to take the time to notice, stop and smell the flowers, so to speak.

So here’s a dose of beauty for today… our Hong Kong Orchid tree, aka Bauhinia blakeana. We’re blessed to have this specimen in our backyard. Its flowers are orchid like, but bigger (five to six inches across), and successive flowers creep up each stem for a show that lasts months long. Here you ee a fraction of the tree, taken back in Decemeber when it first began flowering.

hong kong orchid tree

Later after a warm tropical rain, I took these shots… (that’s a bee buzzing by below)

hong kong orchid tree blooming

hong kong orchid flower

The flowers emit a delicate sweet smell that attracts bees, butterflies, and this little friend just recently… which is undoubtedly a tiny beautiful thing.

anna hummingbird florida

hummingbird hong kong orchid

And if that’s not enough to warm your heart today, then note these two little critters, side by side, floating in our pool on one of the tree’s lilypad-like leaves after a heavy rain. It’s almost too much.

two tiny toads, floating frogs

May you seek out the beautiful today…


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