On the cockroach in the coffee cup…

Have I told you my cockroach story? No? Oh my god…

We were living in Puerto Rico at the time. I think I was five.

We’d just redone all the plumbing in our house. The water had been off for days while my father replaced all the pipes, but he was finally done and ready to turn the water back on to test all the connections.

We stood in the kitchen. He reached for the faucet, pulled on the handle. A moment later water came spurting out. And a moment after that, out of the drain in the sink, cockroaches came flying. Hundreds of them. A swarm!

You guys saw the movie “Home Alone,” right? That moment where he… [[slaps his hands to his cheeks and opens his mouth wide – everyone laughs and nods]] Well that’s how I was… [[again, slaps his hands to his cheeks and opens his mouth wide]] Aaaaaagggghhhh!

Then, one of the cockroaches flew into my mouth. Right into my mouth. [[Noooo, we groan]] YES! And then… it actually crawled down my throat. [[he looks pained as he says this – we groan more, make sounds of disgust]]

And then… it crawled back up my throat and into my mouth. [[now we are silent with horror]] And that’s when I spit it out.

So now you know why I’m a bit crazy when it comes to cockroaches.