Summer’s Here and the Time is Right…

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Actually, summer here is very much wrong.

All the long-time Floridians warned me… You’ll have to flip the script – it’s not winter you’ll dread (the obvious sleet, snow, and deep freeze of northern climes), it’s our sweltering, sweat-soaked, endlessly mosquito-ridden summer.

And so today with the Summer Solstice, it begins… the torment of summer in South Florida.

It makes me listless and lazy. Eschewing exercise, suffering writer’s block, succumbing to general malaise. Is it sun stroke? Zika? Homesickness? Who knows.

Whatever the case, I will doggedly press on (perhaps after a midday nap), dreaming of November and hoping for more productive days.

In the meantime, you get this mural by the artist @muckrock. It made me smile.

greetings earthling muckrock mural delray

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