Cool Classics for Hot Summer Nights

Old School Square just notched up a few ticks in coolness factor (in my humble opinion) with its Cult Classic Summer Movie Series. It kicks off tonight at the Crest Theater…

There are some truly great films being featured:

  • The Blues Brothers definitely makes my All-Time Top 10 with an amazing cast (including the late greats John Belushi and Carrie Fisher), plus incredible soundtrack
  • The Big Lebowski comes close to Top 10 status (Raising Arizona skews a bit higher for me), but there’s no denying the character of the Dude
  • And the groundbreaking comic hilarity of Airplane? Well just imagine that amped by drinks in hand (thanks to Lagunitas Brewery) and a theater full of your new best friends

*August 18 (Dude Night) includes a costume contest, bowling pin art, and trivia. Doors at 7, film at 9.

All other nights, doors at 7, film at 8. Get your tickets now!

** September 8th (Frat Night) hosts a double feature with pizza delivery between films (thanks to the wonderful Delivery Dudes).

Cult Classics at Crest Theater